List of Symbols
1. Open a molecule file
2. Move around the display
3. Display the whole dataset on a minimap
4. Select the current molecule
5. Move molecules across different groups
6. Change the name of a group of molecules
7. Select multiple molecules at once
8. Store separately multiple selections of molecules
9. Search for a substructure motif
10. Cluster a dataset by structural similarity
11. Sub-cluster a single group by structural similarity
12. Display molecule properties
13. Search for a text in the dataset
14. Cluster the dataset based on molecule properties
15. Create groups and super-groups of molecules
16. Sort molecules in a group
17. Reorganize the groups on the screen
18. Navigate from molecule to molecule within a group
19. Navigate the dataset from group to group
20. Display molecule properties as colors
21. Display molecule properties as 3D bars
22. Filter in and out molecules on the screen
23. Generate a 2D plot of groups based on properties
24. Display a property 2D plot for each group
25. Spreadsheet display and use
26. Tips and shortcuts to accelerate the navigation
27. Freeze cluster positions
28. Hiding clusters
29. Delete molecules, groups and supergroups
30. Subgrouping
31. Property selector
32. Molecule viewing time
33. Molecule display modes