Lately I have been involved in the following projects with different companies:

  • Cheminformatics:
    • Conceptual organisation and clustering of Pharmaceutical Chemical libraries
    • Analysis and comparison of Chemical libraries
    • Conception of special chemical collections
    • Statistical Analysis of (H/M/L) Throughput Screening campaigns
    • Ligand and Structure based scoring functions in Virtual Screening
    • QSAR models for activity and ADMET prediction based on structural and physiochemical compound properties
    • Analysis of screening campaigns by means of relational graphs
  • Bioinformatics:
    • Clustering of proteins by means of relational graphs
    • Image and Signal processing applied to DNA sequencing
    • Image Analysis of protein expression by FRET fluorescence microscopy
    • Differential protein expression analysis in Mass Spectrometry (QTOF/MALDI/FFT)

Please get in touch through my contact page, should you be interested in implementing similar projects on Data Analysis.