I’m offering my expertise in Data Analysis for training, consulting and software development in the following fields:

  • Analysis and conceptual organisation of pharmaceutical chemical collections
  • High-Throughput screening optimisation
  • Compound and building-blocks analysis, selection and comparison between corporate and commercially available chemical collections
  • ADMET-TOX data analysis expertise and in-silico modelling
  • Physchem in-silico models
  • Ligand-based and Structure-based Virtual Screening
  • QSAR modelling
  • Compound activity prediction
  • Chemical collections database mining.


  • Image processing, Data Mining and Differential Analysis of DNA Microarray and 2D Gel Electrophoresis data
  • Signal processing, DM and DA of Mass Spectrometry data
  • Protein sequence similarity, homology and alignment analysis
  • Protein database mining
  • Image processing in optical and scanning electron microscopy.


  • Image and signal processing applied to genome sequencing
  • Genome database mining