With the permanent evolution of sciences and technology, it is commonly recognized that Continuous-Training is the best way to acquire, maintain and update skills throughout working life beyond initial qualifications.

Continuous-Training is in essence one of the most important ways for improving employees capabilities, productivity and performance.



You hire me for a number of training sessions carried out during a period of time at your convenience. Individual training sessions are not disconnected each other but based on a global objective and part of your whole working project plan.


My teaching is coaching too. We decide together what your training needs are for the coming year, and we build together a continuous training plan that fits your needs based on my catalog. I’m open to adapt the plan content along the way based on new working objectives. If a training subject is of interest to you and it is not in my catalog, please ask. I’ll do my best to integrate it in your training plan given a reasonable advance notice.


During training sessions you acquire the main knowledge, skills and competencies through theory and practical exercises related to your working environment. Exercises are therefore connected to your working reality.


I come to your place for every teaching session, whatever the distance.


I remain available by email and accessible on the phone to answer your questions after training when you put in practice your new learned skills at work.


My training fees are unique regardless of the number of participants registered to the training plan, up to a manageable number.